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Online translator: always a poor choice

Anyone who claims to never have used an online translator is either lying, or has a poor memory. All of us have at least once visited one of those sites in order to translate some word, sentence or even a complete text. However, I’m quite sure the outcome was never satisfactory, was it?

Nowadays there’s a good number of websites where you can find that kind of online translation service. Most probably Google Translator is the most famous one. Nevertheless, can an online translator really achieve its task with no errors? We at MultitluM have no doubt!


That’s not just a saying. Sometimes it’s worth digging up a bit of cash and get the expected outcome in return, rather than saving a few bucks. You can see for yourself what happens when you trust an online translator:



Exactly. All of those translations were run through an online translator, and they’re not even the worse! An online translator can be helpful if you want to translate a song in order to get a general idea (very general) of its meaning, or if you want to find out what your foreign friends write on Facebook. But you should never ever use an online translator for commercial, professional or any public purposes. That is, if you want to use an online translator in a precise moment for a private matter, it could be fine. For any other intention, especially if you are going to publish the content, an online translator is never a good choice. 

Letting alone the obvious poor results that an online translator offers, one of the main reasons these kinds of free services will never replace the work of professional translators is simple: an online translator is not able to establish semantic relations the way people do. Let’s keep in mind the fact that most of the words you can find in an English dictionary (or any other dictionary, for that matter) have more than one meaning – polysemy is everywhere!

That’s why online translators should always be the last of your options. The results they offer are not even comparable to those of a professional translator. Have you got any anecdote about poor translations? Please, share them with us! And remember: if you need a good translation, please, get in touch with us. Our team of professional translators will help you achieve the best results. MultitluM is always a good choice!

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